The Foundation

The Cannabis Foundation was established in 2015 by Elaine Wood to promote human clinical trials, the missing link between scientific research and access to federally approved cannabis-based drugs that meet the same standards of quality, effectiveness, and safety as other prescription drugs.

The purpose of the foundation is two-fold:

  1. Collaborate with leading doctors and scientific research organizations to design, develop and fund ground-breaking clinical trials in the area of cannabis based medicines.
  2. Raise money to invest in human clinical trials that could result in innovative treatment solutions using cannabis.

DHF strongly believes that clinical trials are key to developing safe cannabis drugs that can be prescribed by healthcare professionals and used by patients through standardization of dosage and ingredients, evaluating drug interactions, and measuring adverse reactions as well as long-terms risks. Additionally, human clinical trials are essential in evaluating reliable and safe delivery systems for promising symptom managements in different disease treatments.

The Cannabis Foundation also wants to bridge the funding gap between private donors and federal funding. While widespread growth of cannabis research continues, primarily pre-clinical, the field continues to be in its infancy due to the lack of federal funding available to study the medical use of cannabis and the bureaucratic process and time needed to acquire multiple approvals from various federal agencies. Therefore, most researchers at premier institutes and hospitals depend on private donors to conduct research.