Become an Advocate

Advocacy is a very important part of what we do. It is quite likely that you knows someone, near or far, impacted by a debilitating disease and their lives turned upside down. You want to make a difference. You are also convinced that an organic plant like cannabis can really be incorporated into the treatment. That will make you a great cannabis advocate. Be informed about the medical benefits of cannabis and how it impacts patients. Represent the foundation and talk about how cannabis helped you or your loved ones in fighting the disease to be more relatable and personable. You will likely find that it is a positive and empowering experience.

You can become an Advocate for The Cannabis Foundation in many different ways:

  • Empower yourself and raise public awareness about the medical properties of cannabis and how it can be incorporated into the treatment. Educate those around you so that they can understand the power of cannabis and how bold new treatment ideas can come from it.
    • Speak at community events or support groups.
    • Communicate with local media.

  • Help reduce barriers for participation in cannabis based clinical research
    • Participate in different community outreach and educational programs and talk about cannabis clinical research.
    • Reach out to patient advocate organizations and seek their help to increase clinical trial enrollment.

  • Address legislative and regulatory issues that affect cannabis research
    • Send letters to your senators and congress representatives about opening up clinical research for cannabis
    • Organize a lecture about cannabis related policy issues and how it impacts research

  • Plan local or national fundraising events for cannabis based human clinical trials.

  • Use your circle of influence to help us find doctors, hospitals and scientists who are interested in either pursuing human clinical trials on cannabis based medical treatments or joining the Foundation's Scientific Advisory Board.

    • If you would like to become an advocate for The Cannabis Foundation, please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas of involvement.