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We strongly believe that clinical trials are key to developing safe cannabis drugs that can be prescribed by health professionals and used by patients through standardization of dosage and ingredients, evaluating drug interactions, and measuring adverse reactions as well as long-terms risks.

Additionally, human clinical trials are essential in evaluating reliable and safe delivery systems for symptom management.

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Daner and Elaine

Daner's Story

Growing up, Daner and I were as close as a brother and sister could be. He was movie star handsome, smart, funny and kind, not only to me but to everyone that knew him. He was a great friend to many, a loving son and wonderful brother. He was my best friend!

He was the bright star in our hometown of Arlington, TX. The heartthrob of every girl in town! Being three years younger, I always looked up to him in awe. I was so excited to tag along with him wherever he went because I knew it would be a fun adventure.

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